Diogenes 2021


1. The participants should register online on the official website of the festival and fill out the application form.

2. The duration of the film should be from 30 seconds up to 15.00 minutes.

3. The film should be accompanied by subtitles in English.

4. The presented films should be accompanied by the following information: author(s) surname, name, author(s) 2 photos (1200 dpi each), a short biography of the author (s) (maximum 30 words), contact details, country and 3 stills from the Contest film (1200 dpi each) – this data will be published in the Festival Catalogue.

5. The theme is free (no violence, no terrorism, no separatism, no religious or ethnic intolerance).

6. One author can present no more than two films.

7. All genres are acceptable except boring.

8. The image must be visible and the voice must be heard.

9. Due to the online format of Diogenes2021, authors must provide the organizers with links to their films and passwords for their further public display on the official Internet platforms of the festival.

10. The film is to be shot in 2021-2022.

11. Participation fee is 5 $US or 4 €.


If additional questions arise, please contact us on the site

On the festival’s official Facebook page: DiogenesGeorgia

E-mail: [email protected]

Or contact us by phones:

+995 551 23 09 62 – in English

+995 595 55 94 99 – in Georgian