Diogenes 2022 Winners

The winners of the Tbilisi International Internet Film Festival of Short Films “Diogene 2022”
The main jury of the festival
Category: Animation
Prize: By decision of the jury, the prize was not awarded
Diploma: Farnoosh Abedi «The Sprayer», Iran
Category: Documentary
Prize: Daniel Maurer «The beyond», Switzerland
Diploma: Bartosz Andrejuk «Nothing has changed», Poland
Category: Experimental
Prize: Martin Gerigk «Once I Passed», Germany
Diploma: Karolina Nieduza «I will Meet You There», United Kingdom
Category: Fiction
The jury awarded two prizes
Prize 1: Abdou El Mesnaoui Nassib «red Pen», Morocco
Prize 2: Daniyal Mahmoudnia «Paper God», Iran
Diploma: Sabrina Kouroughli & Gaëtan Vassart «Lost», France
According to the decision of the student jury of the festival:
Special prize “Alaverdoba”
Carolina Schmidt «Green desert», Germany
– For artistic merit
Special diploma “Alaverdoba”
Anne-Lise Maurice «ELEVEN», France
– For deep search and research topics
Special prize “Serenada”
Rafik Hovhannisyan «Au79», Armenia
– For outstanding humor and different cinematography
Special diploma “Serenada”
François Baldassare «End of the line», Luxembourg
– For a distinctive style of narration
Audience Sympathy Diploma
Nika Arakhamia «Mill», Georgia
Link to our Internet Cinema: https://w2g.tv/i0cdtbi8qkrmzjk1a5

Tbilisi short films 3nd international
internet festival «Diogenes 2022»
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Sculptor: Levan Kipshidze