The director of the festival is chosen

Yesterday, 18.06.2023, a meeting of the founders took place, where Mr. Ioseb Mchedlishvili, film dramatist and producer, was elected as the director of the 4th Tbilisi International Internet Short Film Festival “Diogene 2023” for a period of 3 (three) years.
The director of the 4th Tbilisi International Internet Festival of Short Films will lead the general strategy of the festival, its organizational and creative work.
The founders’ meeting wishes Mr. Ioseb Mchedlishvili success and progress in his new position as the director of the festival.

Ioseb (Soso) Mchedlishvili – Georgian film playwright and writer.

· 1997 University of Bourgogne (France). Diploma in Cultural Policy and Arts Management with International Cooperation. Diploma work: “Comparative analysis of content and audience interest-attendance of ARTE TV channel’s “themed evenings” in France and Germany.”

· 1986 – “Vgik” Union of Cinematography. Institute, Moscow. (Russia). Diploma in film dramaturgy. Specialty: film and television associate; Cinematographer.

· 1975 Tbilisi State University. Diploma in Physics. Specialization: theoretical physics.

Qualification raising

1996-1997 in the field of cultural policy – in the joint Formation Internationale Culture of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture, the French Commission of UNESCO. Paris, France),.

· 1997 ARTE, French-German TV channel; Internship in the editorial office of the thematic program “Thema”. Strasbourg (France).

· 1979-1981 Internship in the Science Forecasting Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In the Central Institute of Economic Mathematics of the Academy (ЦЭМИ АН СССР) Moscow.

professional experience

· 1992- to date: lecturer in dramaturgy; Ilia Chavchavadze house Higher Professional School of Media, Television Arts and Advertising of the University, Tbilisi.

· 1996-1997 representative of the Georgian Scouts Organization in Western Europe.

· 1991-1993 lecturer in film dramaturgy, Academy of Arts, Tbilisi.

· 1989-1992 Lecturer in film dramaturgy, Tbilisi Theater and Cinema Department. Institute.

· 1987-1992 lecturer in film dramaturgy, Tbilisi University.

· 2002-2004 President of the registered union “Physical Georgia”.

· 2020 Tbilisi International Internet Short Film Festival “Diogenes” co-founder

Realized scripts and films

1982 “Chronicle of one day” – documentary; Co-author and director of the script. Television studio in Komsomolsk-Amur (Russia).

· 1985 “Galia” – short feature film; Moscow. Script

· 1990 “Temo Japaridze: Prayers” – documentary; Tbilisi. “Saktelefilm”. Script

· 1991 Author and co-director of the official advertising clips of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia on the referendum to restore the state independence of Georgia.

· Author and co-director of Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s advertising clip during the presidential elections in Georgia in 1991.

· 1993 “Hostages of Fate” – documentary; Tbilisi. “Saktelefilm”. screenwriter and co-director;

· 1999-2000 “The Night of Small Stars” – TV series. “Satellite Radio”. (Co-authors of the script: Aleksandre (Dato) Kokrashvili, Mikho Mosulishvili, Andro Enukidze, Koba Tskhakaia; Directors: Andro Enukidze, Koba Tskhakaia;

· 2002 “Opera” – television series commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs; Co-author of the project and script, producer.


· 1999 “Carnivalade, i.e. the smile of power’s fall”

· 2000 “Behind the open door”

· 2001 “At the time of sadness, in heaven”

· 2002 “On the Zone” co-authored with Koba Tskhakaya;

· 2004 “Museum Guard”


· 2006 Theatrical play “Museum Guard” was awarded the jury’s special prize in the “Museum Theater” competition held by the literary portal “Litkonkurs”.

· 2006 The short story “Intermezzo” (in Russian) was awarded a prize in the literary competition organized by “Senator” magazine (Russia), dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the end of the Patriotic War.

· 2002 The TV series project “Burdo” was awarded the first prize in the competition held by the TV channel “9th Channel” (Tbilisi).

· 1998 The script of the feature film “Fields of Elysees” (in Georgian) was awarded a prize in the competition organized by “Adam and Eve” studio (Tbilisi).

· 1997 The script of the feature film “Fields of Elysees” (in Russian) was awarded a prize in the competition organized by “Kinoscenarii” magazine (Moscow).

· 1984 The script of the feature film “My Friend Samson” (in Russian) was awarded a prize in the competition organized by the Central Screen Studio (Moscow).

Published books

· 1998 “Comedy in dramaturgy” – the first Georgian auxiliary guide to dramaturgy (in Georgian) published by “Necker”, 1998. Tbilisi.

· 2002, 2006 theater play “Zona”; Co-authored with Koba Tskhakaya, publishing house “Saari”, 2002, 2006. Literary prize “Saba” nominee 2003

· The novel “The Baghdadi thieves” co-authored with Koba Tskhakaya (pseudonym “Papuna Udel”).

He has been cooperating with various Georgian and Russian-language magazines and newspapers for years. He is the author and co-author of many projects in the field of culture and cultural policy.


Georgian, Russian (bilingual), French, English, German.


4th Tbilisi International Short Film Festival