Festival Digest
(22 November 2021)

Welcome everyone to the 2nd Tbilisi Short Film Internet Festival “Diogenes 2021”!

The time for awarding the sign OFFICIAL SELECTION is approaching!

More than one thousand (1006) directors and authors expressed their desire to participate in our festival.

They presented 1132 films of various genres and duration.
Unfortunately, not all films (often despite their high level of performance) will pass the qualifying stage.

About 80 works will be selected to participate in the main competition. Thus, our team will have to solve the most difficult task – to choose just one of every 14-15 worthy films presented at the festival!!!
The best among them will be determined by a competent, international jury.

Also, a group will be formed within the festival, which will determine the winners of the special incentive prize and diploma – “Serenade”. This prize is established to celebrate the contribution of the Khotivari family of cinematographers to Georgian and world cinema and to honor their great work.

The final results of the festival will be announced during the closing ceremony, which will take place on December 12-15 (the exact date will be announced later).

The prize-giving ceremony will be broadcasted live via the Internet.
The winner of the Audience Sympathy Award will be influenced by each active spectator who participates in the work of our festival via the Internet: everyone who visits our official site, or registers on the Facebook page, will see the selected films without any problems, and then they can evaluate their impression.

Several educational lectures will be organized within the festival to popularize the short national film.

Our festival is slowly entering the hot phase of work!