News of the summer season

News of the summer season of the 5th International Internet Film Festival “Diogenes” Odesa – Tbilisi:

  1. The points evaluated by the jury are summarized and the winning films will be announced next week.
  2. The winning films will be posted on the website and Facebook and will be available for viewing within 5-7 days.
  3. The films participating in the main competition will be screened in a special movie hall in Odesa (time and place of the screening will be announced in the coming days).
  4. The awarding ceremony of the summer season of the International Internet Film Festival “Diogenes” (Odessa – Tbilisi) will be held in Odessa from June 17 to June 25. We will let you know the exact details soon.
  5. We have prepared original prizes handmade by the winning filmmakers, with original design and festival attributes with traditional Diogenes attributes (Idea and skulpture by Viktor Tyblevych).
    Good luck and progress!