History of Georgian cinema

The Suram Fortress (1922)

The Suram Fortress (Suramis tsikhe) (Georgian: სურამის ციხე, Russian: Сурамская крепость) is a 1922 Soviet Georgian adventure film directed by Ivan Perestiani, based on Daniel Chonkadze’s novel with the same title.

Durmishkhani, an illegitimate child of a serf woman was brutally taken away from his mother. Lately he meets Vardua, a young maidservant. They fall in love and want to marry. Vardua helps him to go to a business trip to make some money. Durmishkhani meets a rich merchant Osman Aga. After some time Durmishkhani marries other girl and becomes Osman Aga’s heir. Vardua gets to know this all and decides to take revenge.